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  • Foodhero project
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Foodhero is a project created for the Oregon State University Extension Service. This Drupal project involved significant custom theming, and module development. The site is rolled out in 2 languages, and utilizes Spanish and English dynamic switching, AJAX, and a responsive design.  It was a fun and intense project!  

FoodHero currently averages about 40,000 unique visitors a month, and ranks in Google's top 10 for several "recipe" related search terms.  For example, try searching for "healthy recipes".

Services: Drupal custom theme and module development, SEO services

  • web development of the LifeMap website
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LifeMap is a new Health and Dental insurance company based in Portland Oregon, providing health coverage to individuals and companies across several states: OR, WA, ID, UT and MT.  I worked with designers from the Dojo Agency, and developed this site for them.  The site has multiple forms, lots of javascript (jQuery), eCommerce, and makes SOAP calls to the company's internal web services. 

Developed in Drupal 7.  Multiple custom modules. 

  • Onvia website development
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Onvia is a high-profile company located in downtown Seattle. They are publicly owned and listed on the NASDAQ. Their previous site did not perform well in search engines, and they were looking for a cleaner design along with much better performance in both speed and search engine visibility.

I developed the site in Drupal, creating the custom Drupal theme and multiple custom modules, setting up content types and strategies to build out a resource center using Drupal's taxonomy system. Complex 2-column drop menu system, also built custom form templates & connected them into NetSuite, a third party CRM

  • Portland drupal website theme and development
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Smarsh is a Portland-based email archiving and security company. They were in need of an updated look for their site, and wanted a much more functional CMS.

We were tasked with developing & theming the new custom site, built on Drupal. This is a large site with several custom modules. Elements included a blog, whitepapers listing, news listing, and several forms.

Drupal theme & development by Wheelercreek Studio, Inc. 

Services: Drupal theming, module development

  • The SoulCafe Drupal Site
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Region 1 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (which covers Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska) commissioned this site. The 800+ congregations in this region wanted a place where people could connect, form discussion groups, blog, comment, and form friendships. They suffered from a segmentation within their community, and they saw a tool like this as a way to bring people together from all over. The site is built on Drupal Commons, with a custom theme and some custom module development.

Services: Drupal Commons Development and Theme

Beautiful Web Designs, and Smart Drupal Builds

You have an idea for the kind of website you want, you might have even given some thought to the design.  But finding someone who can effectively build what you need in a solid CMS system like Drupal is sometimes easier said than done.  I've been building Drupal sites for corporations and organizations for several years now, and have been involved in web site development and design since the early days of the web.  If you've got a Drupal project you need developed, contact me!