Rocks and Water

Enchanted Crystal

Oil on Canvas  15x30"

A little departure here, and more related to some of my random sketchbook work.  Just having a bit of fun..  I had the pose of the figure in mind, and the long thin composition.  I wasn't really successful in taking it exactly where I wanted, but it's not too bad.  I realized about half-way through the painting that really my canvas was still too wide for the tall thin compostion in my head.  The addition of the tower of rocks on the left side was added in to help create the vertical feeling.

Morning on the East Fork

East Fork of the Lewis River, Southwest Washington - Painting by Thomas Wheeler

Oil on Canvas,  2.5' x 3'  Sold

I was playing around with a wide angle camera lens at the river one day, and took a shot with the beautiful morning light coming through.  In the painting I decided to push the colors in the rocks a little further, just to see how that felt.  This painting was sold through the Columbia River Gallery in Troutdale Oregon.

Washougal Riverbed

Washougal Riverbed painting by Tom Wheeler

Oil on Canvas  2'x3'

This is probably my favorite of the series where I'm looking straight down into the riverbed, at least so far.  A real challenge to work at all the value ranges: above the water surface in the light, above the surface in shadow, and then below the surface both in light and then in shadow. Sold to the Battle Ground Community Library, November 2014.

East Fork #1

Lewis River in Southwest Washington

Oil on Canvas, About 3'x4' in size.

This is a large painting, the first one I did looking straight down into the riverbed.  I loved this idea so much that I continued it on for a few other paintings. Sold to the Battle Ground Community Library, November 2014!

Lacamas Creek

Oil on Canvas,  18x24in

This is the Lacamas Creek watershed in Camas WA.  I'm not entirely happy with it, but a lot of people do like it so I'll post here.   Honestly I struggled with the fast moving water here, and I think the details make the painting a little busy.

Arch Cape, Oregon Coast

Painting of Arch Cape, Oregon coast, by Tom Wheeler

Oil on Canvas, 30x24in  Sold

This was one where I feel like I finally made some good strides with water and the many levels of ripples and action in the flows of the water.  The lighting is early morning, the dawn is just breaking.   Lot's of patience and care on this one..  you wouldn't know I painted this in our small kitchen - which also doubled as our dining room when I didn't have my easel set up. 

At the Creek

At the Creek

Oil on Canvas,  30 x 24 in.  Completed in 1999.

This was what I considered my breakthrough painting, it really got me going in the direction of water and rocks, and kinda helped me figure out what kind of a painter I wanted to be.  I guess it helped me define my style.  This was painted during a time of some real testing and internal searching in my life, as I was struggling to figure some things out about my direction and my future. 


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