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My Materials & My Painting Process

Recently I got an email from someone who described herself as a "very novice" artist.  She was inquiring about how I work, my painting methods and my process.  It's great to be asked these questions because I love to teach others & share..  but it definitely takes time to explain and teach how I paint.  I've been studying and painting for nearly 30 years now, so it's hard to sum up everything in an email.  But maybe I can start by posting some blogs and maybe even some videos for others to learn (eventually). 

New river & rocks painting

Well I finally wrapped this one up.

A bend in the river, oil painting by Tom Wheeler


I haven't painted in over a month.  Overall 2013 was probably my best and most productive year as an artist, I completed 9 paintings and sold 3.  And I'm even almost satisfied with the quality of some of the work!  But, the year ended by me accepting a big project from one of my website clients (I build websites for a living), and because of the scope and deadline involved it pretty much consumed me for a month and a half.  I had to put the brushes down.  

New Portrait, Garrett

I'm really happy with how this painting turned out.  This is my son Garrett, 9 years old. 


Kassan workshop



David Kassan & I at Carry Juriens home.  Carry invites everyone over for a dinner when there's a long workshop. It's really fun to hang out with all the great artists.  In the group there are artists from all over - some from Canada, one from San Francisco, several from Seattle area, and even a couple from Virginia!  Some really good artists in the group.

Few more shots from Kassan workshop


David's drawing tools



David's second drawing demo, this is after 3 hours into it..


Notes from David Kassan Drawing demo

Up at Whidbey Island this week taking a workshop from David Kassan, put on by Carry Juriens and WIFAS - It's so amazing and wonderful to have this resource here, Carry is doing such a great job bringing these fantastic artists to the Northwest. 


Successful BGAA Art studio tour - even sold a painting!

On Saturday our local arts group - Battle Ground Art Alliance - held our 2nd annual studio tour.


Really love this portrait breakdown


By Anna Wakitsch.  It's a remarkable job, great description of how she takes a painting to the finished stage.  Working for several weeks!  I'm still amazed the painting is only 6"x6"..  not sure why anyone want's to paint that small!  Great explanations though - saving this one for future reference.

working on a painting of clouds

Finally getting a chance to work on my new easel.. well I should say - finally went out and bought a new easel! I used to have a pretty big wood easel that I built with a friend while we were in college.  He was a hobby wood-worker, and he wanted to learn painting.. I needed an easel at the time, so we decided to make our own.  We came up with a pretty decent easel that lasted for years, not bad for a couple college kids. 


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