Rocks and Water

Siouxon Creek #2

Siouxon Creek #2 - 44"x32" Oil on Canvas

44"x32" Oil on Canvas

Colors at Siouxon Creek

Colors on Siouxon Creek - Oil on Canvas

"Colors at Siouxon Creek" - Oil on Canvas, 28x40" 

A Bend in the River

A bend in the river, oil painting by Tom Wheeler

40x16" Oil on Canvas. 

There's this particular bend in the river that I've had my eye on.  I always thought it needed to be captured, glad I finally got to it!  This one took a while to finish, as I was pulled away right in the middle to attend to other business.  But, I think it's about completed - at least as far as I wish to take it.


Shoreline painting, east fork Lewis river

Oil on Canvas - 12x24".  Completed Jun 16, 2013.  SOLD. This is another painting of the East Fork of the Lewis River, near our home in Washington (pacific northwest).  Here I'm trying to stay loose, but not too loose - I'm working to strike the right balance between level of detail and still acheive a good painterly quality. 

Small pools and moss

Small pools and rocks - painting by Tom Wheeler

Oil on Canvas.  28x40".

This is painting of an area on the East Fork of the Lewis River, near Battle Ground WA.  The area is below Moulton Falls.   Sold to the Battle Ground Community Library, November 2014!

The East Fork

East Fork, Oil on Canvas - 25"x36" by Tom Wheeler

Oil on Canvas, 25"x36". 

Finally wrapped up a new one.

Evening at Lucia Falls

Evening at Lucia Falls - painting by Tom Wheeler

Oil on Canvas, 24x36in - Sold

Lucia Falls is on the East Fork of the Lewis River, in Washington.  This is just above the falls, as it drops off to the upper right. 

Eli at the Creek

Eli at the Creek, Painted by Tom Wheeler

Oil on Canvas, 15x30in  Sold

This is a painting of my son, Eli - playing in the river near our home.

This painting won 3rd Honorable Mention in the American Artists Magazine & Utrecht Art Supplies Annual Art Competition in 2010.  I was pretty excited about this - I found out there were over 5000 entries, and only 18 artists won awards.   Here's a link to the winners page.


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