Portland Website Development

If you're looking for a Portland area web developer to help build your website, please give me a call.  I've been working in website design and development for close to 20 years, and for over 15 years I taught college-level courses (at the Portland Art Institute) in web site development. 

I can help with full website development, or smaller site updates.   My services include: 

  • Custom PHP programming.  Comfortable with pure PHP, Drupal API, or PHPCake and other frameworks.  
  • Javascript / jQuery / Angular JS
  • CSS / SASS (SCSS) / HTML 5
  • Foundation HTML Framework, Responsive & Mobile-first Front-end development
  • MySQL / SQL queries.
  • Drupal module development
  • Custom Drupal theming 
  • JSON, SOLR, SOAP services
  • 3rd Party Module & Plugin Integration

In addition, I came into programming with an art background (you can view my fine art here).  I can completely handle website design, and am comfortable in graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator.  If you want to skip the big fancy agency and just connect with a Portland web developer directly, let me help you out!   Maybe you need to strategize about UI or information architecture.. or you need a more flexible CMS to help you manage your site.  I'm happy to talk to you about all things web!  

I'm sure I can not only provide a great solution to your needs, but also save you a lot of money on website development!  

Contact me today.

Tom Wheeler